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Sensors & Integrated Systems (SIS)

The Sensors & Integrated Systems (SIS) business is a global leader in providing advanced products and services across a range of aerospace and defense systems. SIS has over 100 years of experience in engineering design and analysis, software design, product development and system integration.

SIS delivers integrated aircraft-wide solutions that enhance safety and performance in the most rigorous flight conditions. Its products are on nearly every type of aircraft in operation—from business jets and helicopters to large commercial jets and military vehicles. Products are serviced through our worldwide maintenance, repair and overhaul centers.

Advanced research, development and technical centers lead to innovative product development. State-of-the-art wind tunnel and environmental test labs enable empirical testing, keeping SIS at the forefront of new developments to enhance flight safety and efficiency.

Kidde Aerospace and Defense

Kidde Aerospace and Defense (KAD) is a leading provider of fire protection and safety systems for commercial and military aviation and ground vehicle applications. Advances in detection, suppression, inerting and other technologies provide protection for every potentially hazardous area of today's modern aircraft.

Visit the Kidde Aerospace and Defense website.


UTC Aerospace Systems is the world’s leading provider of comprehensive de-icing solutions that help keep aircraft safe while flying in icing conditions. Proven and affordable solutions include affordable pneumatic and electrothermal de-icers for rotorblades, engine air intake and windshields. Proprietary advanced deicing systems are found on a range of commercial, regional, civil and military aircraft applications.

Visit the De-icing website. 

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