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ISR Systems

The ISR Systems business has contributed to significant advances in ground, air, space and imaging technology for over 85 years. ISR Systems has a significant and growing presence in global defense programs and is dedicated to serving Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) needs in space, air and ground environments.

We also provide specialty optics and cameras through Cloud Cap Technology and Sensors Unlimited products. Focusing on ISR mission critical systems and platform capabilities, we work closely with customers to meet requirements, enhanced by complete training, system and field service support.

ISR Systems provides improved personnel protection by enhancing situational awareness capabilities. It has supported every major conflict involving the United States and its Allies up to the current war on terrorism. 

Cloud Cap Technology

Cloud Cap Technology products provide industry leading products, including stabilized micro-gimbal camera systems and auto-pilots used for emergency support operations.

View the Cloud Cap Technology website.

Sensors Unlimited

Sensors Unlimited products offer a complete line of products for image sensing in the short wave infra-red (SWIR) sensor portion of the light spectrum that enable users to “see” beyond what the naked eye can detect.

View the Sensors Unlimited website.

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