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Engine & Control Systems

The Engine & Control Systems business provides complete aerospace engine controls and accessories for turbofan, turboprop and turboshaft engines. Our products serve the commercial, and military aerospace and industrial markets.

Primary products include electronic engine controllers, fuel control systems, engine actuation, thermal management systems and heat exchangers, accessory drive gearboxes and transmissions and engine start systems. The products are serviced by UTC Aerospace Systems Customer Service.

We provide a range of engine external systems, from a complete package including engine systems integration to any number of components as desired by the engine customer. A technology focus on higher level engine prognostics is making the systems even more valuable to the end user.

HS Marston

HS Marston is a leading supplier of an integrated range of heat transfer and fluid management products for commercial and military markets. Its products are used on airframes, engines, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

View the HS Marston website.

Precision Engine Controls

Precision Engine Controls provides highly reliable and innovative control products and services for the industrial and marine engine market. Key products include industrial turbine digital control systems, fuel valves, guide vane actuators and electric start systems.

View the Precision Engine Controls website.

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